Bennett Dvd - The Boaters Guide To Twin Screw Boat Handling

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Bennett Dvd - The Boaters Guide To Twin Screw Boat Handling

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The Boaters Guide to Twin Screw Boat Handling
40 mins.

  • Teaches Maneuvers, Docking, Wind & Current, Controls & much more

  • Features detailed procedures, thorough explanations, illustrative examples & demonstrations filmed in real time that show what to do and what not to do, in split screen format

An excellent hands-on guide to the basics of twin screw boat handling for twin screw power boats in a variety of different situations. Divided into five sections this program covers: the basics of the controls, maneuvers, docking & undocking in slips, wind & current compensation and engine failure tactics.

This step-by-step approach to the basics of boat handling uses a "hands on" viewing system, which enables you to get a real feel of performing a variety of basic and complicated maneuvers. This format allows you to gain not only the knowledge, but also the experience of handling a twin screw power boat of any size.

Features illustrative examples and demonstrations filmed in real time, that show what to do and what not to do, in split screen, screen on screen format.

Several characteristics influence the control of any vessel. A basic understanding of how each of these characteristics influences boat handling is necessary before you can attain competence in handling a twin-screw vessel. A knowledge of the natural conditions that may also affect your boat's operation and the ordinary problems that can arise are essential to master the skills of twin screw boat operation.

DVD Menu:

The Basics
Covers all the controls and their positions.
  • Steering wheel
  • Throttles
  • Shift Controls

Basic Maneuvers
Demonstrates actual movements and the effects created from using the controls.

  • Steering with the wheel
  • Spinning the boat using shift controls
  • Spinning the boat using shift controls & steering wheel
  • Spinning the boat using shift controls, steering wheel & throttle

Docking Maneuvers
Shows how to approach and enter a slip or dock and exit from these locations.

  • Safely leaving the dock Returning to the dock
  • Approaching the dock
  • Pulling up slowly, only using shift controls
  • Tying the boat up to the dock: the cleat hitch (coiling the line)
  • Remaining in control until boat is secure
  • Leaving the dock when in between two boats (fore & aft)
  • Returning to dock and "parallel parking" between boats
  • Pulling out of a boat slip
  • Returning boat to the slip
  • "Walking the boat" (making the boat go sideways)

Wind & Current
Teaches how to compensate for wind and currents in docking maneuvers.

  • Compensating for effects of Wind
  • Compensating for effects of current
  • Pulling into slip
  • Pulling back out of slip

Engine Failure
Having an engine go out is one of the major problems for twin screw boats. Learn the proper techniques to maneuver with only one engine.

  • What to do when one engine quits on you
  • Docking to Port with port engine out
  • Docking to Port with starboard engine out
  • Fending off, if things don't work out

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SKU 43509
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